Draw yourself Picking an Apple from a Tree Interpretation

draw yourself picking an apple from a tree test

This is my interpretation of Sophie’s Tree Drawing:

Looking at a tree as a symbol of life, one should ask If the tree is balanced, i.e. it gives an impression of how balance/unbalanced an individual’s life is.

At first glance we notice that the big apple is practically in the centre of Sophie’s tree and is the only apple present. This implies either a core problem in Sophie’s life or something that is truly important to her that she is trying to attain?
The ‘scar’ or ‘knot’ on the trunk of the tree indicates a traumatic event that happened to Sophie around the age of 15, something that left emotional hurt during her mid-teens. The hand that is reaching for the apple is excessively large in comparison to the other hand, this further emphasizes her want and need to successfully grab the apple, however one of the fingers of this hand is not drawn attached to the arm, this could imply she realizes at the moment there are obstacles in her way that are slowing down her progress.

Within the tree there are ‘squiggles’ that represent leaves; there are 6 squiggles. 6 in numerology is considered to be feminine and extrovert. There is an innate desire within the 6 to bring harmony, peace, justice and truth to all experiences in life. There is a perfected sense of balance with the 6 vibration. 6 thrives on beauty and needs to be comfortable in all areas of their lives – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Looking at Sophie’s feet in the picture we notice they are ‘edging’ off the paper. This implies there is something Sophie is partially involved with but not being fully committed. It is her way of saying ‘I am being present, yet remaining on the outside.’

Words in drawing: apart from what I told her to write she also wrote “Sophie reaches up to pick the big red juicy apple” So when words are added to a drawing this needs special attention as the individual may not feel like the drawing clearly conveys the point of the message. Words are a definition or a statement, thus reducing the chance for the drawing to be misinterpreted. It is asks the question as to whether Sophie has trust issues with verbal and non verbal communication in her life. Alongside the words plus the big red apple this could also simply mean, as an artist she has big dreams to perhaps one day live & work in New York or even temporarily visit ‘The Big Apple” as one of her life ambitions for her bucket list. This is clearly a very strong desire whatever the ‘Big Apple’ means to Sophie.

The lack of roots or ground for the tree & Sophie to stand on meaning the tree trunk edges off the paper suggests perhaps Sophie grew up in an environment as a child that perhaps didn’t lay solid foundations to nurture her full potential, I feel that Sophie may perhaps have struggled with little or no emotional support from one or both parents or care giver, either that or it was simply a turbulent childhood/family life and a number of factors could cause this such as financial issues, psychological stress, being in a big family or parents arguing. Whatever the cause, it is implied in the picture that Sophie didn’t quite get the solid grounding or foundations she needed, every child needs these rooted deep into the earth in order to encourage them & help them blossom. The fact that Sophie mentions she was happy wearing a skirt might imply also she has had to appear ‘masculine’ and put on a brave face for most of her life, wearing a skirt shows deep down sometimes all she wants is to show her softer, feminine side without getting hurt.

Over all Sophie is shown as a high achiever and a very positive and proactive person regardless of past and/or present issues. She draws herself smiling and happily reaching for her dreams. This young woman will go far because she won’t stop reaching for the big juice apple, even if it means extending the length of her arm and making her hand bigger to get it. She is a force to be reckoned with, highly ambitious but playful with it at the same time.

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified Arts Therapist as of yet, this is merely just for fun and for me to practice deepening my knowledge for when I do my Masters. I have an Arts degree and an Art Therapy Foundation Diploma alongside a number of mental health & psychology based training & certificates. I am currently training & learning about Dance & Movement Therapy (this also includes the movement of Yoga). If anyone is interested in me interpreting their apple tree drawing, send me a picture of your drawing to Katie(at)sunflowerteeth.com

Here is a link to other participants drawings (currently not interpreted).

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