Cornish Mini Break

Par Sands Caravans


Break in Cornwall

Things to do in Cornwall

Carnglaze caverns

carnglaze caverns and fairy garden

things to do in Liskeard







About two weeks ago in late February Jon & I had a three day mini break in Cornwall. We just wanted to get out of the house and out of Plymouth. Plymouth is a big city surrounded by nature and is pretty much next door to Cornwall so we hopped in the car and based ourselves in his parent’s caravan for a short stay. Above show photos of our time at Carnglaze Caverns and a quaint fairy garden owned by the owner of the caves. The caves were magical as was the garden. The weather was fresh yet calm and the sun shined happily. It was just such a relief to be outside in the fresh air!


Helston museum


Soon after we ventured to a Cornish town called Helston and mooched about their sweet little museum. It was a rather blustery day and we were thankful to be able to enjoy something indoors for free! I am a huge Museum and Art Gallery geek, I really enjoy learning about history, literature, art, culture, languages and so on. I am an information nerd, I enjoy gaining knowledge and discovering new things so this was something I found rather fun.

Kynance Cove

Spend time at Kynance Cove



To end our time in Cornwall we visited one of our favourite places and that’s Kynance Cove, it really is such an awe inspiring place. The weather, although had a chill in the air was a lot calmer and I felt so rejuvenated I decided to run about, draw in the sand and do some Yoga. I felt my heart surge with vibrancy and warmth which made me feel powerful and connected to my breath, the sea air, the waves, that moment, the rocks and my entire being. I felt alive.
It was a wonderfully sweet little Cornish Mini Break! Up Next: Our four days in South Wales!

Apologies for disappearing this past week, I have been finishing off my Yoga Philosophy course and I am almost half way through my Business & Administration short course plus Jon & I are planning a last minute adventure holiday that I hope will be happening very soon. We are still hoping to go to Nepal and I have been rushing around with a list trying to cross off important things that need doing such as: Vaccinations, Photos for Visas, topping up mini first aid kit and mosquito repellant. It is Jon’s 31st birthday this Tuesday so I will make sure some new blog posts go live from Wednesday. Have a lovely week everyone!

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