Croatia: Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is about a 15 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik and the boats that take you there are constantly running throughout the day until 6pm. There is no fee to be on this island but there is a small cost for the journey on the boat and you must keep your ticket for when you decide to go back to Dubrovnik. Jon and I opted to stay on Lokrum all day, we left out apartment after a slight snoozy lie-in at 11am and walked to the small port to catch a boat. We took a packed lunch of fruit, water and home made sandwiches from a lovely ‘Sandvich stall’ and leisurely strolled around Lokrum until sunset.

things to do in Croatia visit Lokrum island





One of the main attractions of this island is the small salt water ‘lake’ which was about a ten minute walk from where we docked. This lake is a miniature version of the Dead Sea because it is so high in salt your entire body floats about and it is even difficult to remain balanced when walking into the lake (trying to avoid the craggy rocks and coral below) because the buoyancy of the salt water makes you trip over yourself. To me it looks more like a Lagoon and I still call it a lagoon and it is 10 metres deep and to the South side of the Island. It is an absolute beautiful place with crystal clear waters that shimmer with a green-like turquoise hue, most tourists and locals flock to this first before walking to other areas and in fact most people tend to stay at the lake all day to soak up the sun and take a dip.





On the island a number of animals live here, including numerous species of insects, birds & lizards as well as bunny rabbits and the odd cat. When you first walk onto the island you hear an incessant buzz that appears to be constant and can become irritating if you don’t learn to mentally block it out. The buzz comes from an ugly locust-like cricket called the Cicada that sheds it’s skin and spends most of it’s time attached to trees. These critters are hard to spot as they are usually high up and camouflaged but Jon managed to photograph one for your viewing pleasure (You’re welcome!).




Also on the island are an array of old ruins to visit, including a benedictine monastery which now houses a restaurant, ice cream parlour and bike hire stall. As well as this there is a botanical garden currently well kept by university students and full of interesting plant life. A nudist beach can also be found on Lokrum and wedding ceremonies or parties can be organized on the island as well….If the noise of those bug don’t annoy you!




Over all visiting Lokrum was lovely & peaceful. I highly recommend it since it is a stone’s throw away from Dubrovnik’s old town and it feels nice to be away from the crowds for a spell, spend time in nature and wash all your worries away by going for a swim in the lake. As the sun was setting Jon and I ventured back to the lake to photograph it whilst people were walking back to the docking platform to wait for the boat. We had 20 minutes to spare and the entire lake to ourselves and it was just magical watching the colours of the water transition from leaf green to auburn. Beautiful.




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