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My 2nd article has now been published! I am really proud of this piece for many reasons. Firstly I wanted to show people my writing style and it is only recently I found out this style has a name and is called “Prose Poetry” which according to wikipedia it is: poetry written in prose instead of using verse but preserving poetic qualities such as heightened imagery, parataxis and emotional effects. Prose poetry should be considered as neither primarily poetry nor prose but is essentially a hybrid or fusion of the two, and accounted a separate genre altogether.
I have been writing this way since forever and I think my entire lifestyle has a sense poetry to it, even my dreams are poetic so it kind of fits me. Secondly you may notice a rebellious streak hidden in some of the verses, this is slightly targeted at certain people around me who live a certain way (which is fine if that makes them happy) but when they try to project their lifestyle onto me, to try to change me, it is a massive bugbear- No I don’t care about your expensive sofa and I am not interested in making more money or discussing my hours at work, what part of ‘That is not the real me’ don’t you understand? I have countless interests and I am working on many things, talk to me about any of them, pick one-it’s not rocket science! Phew!

Also these words I wrote are true to me in so many ways, I do wear odd socks, I talk to my house plants and I have met ‘soul mates’ in the strangest of places. I think it is important to always be yourself regardless of what society thinks. Yes, I do live in this superficial, consumerist world but that does not mean I am brain washed by it. And lastly, I wrote this in honour of my Auntie Carol (My Mum’s eldest sister) who lead a tragic life and died in a psychiatric hospital at the age of 60. When my Aunt was younger she was an incredible playwrite and poet and she even had two of her poems published in a book. Some family members have commented that I look like her with my jet black wild, curly hair and that parts of my personality resemble her because she was quirky and very artistic. So this piece is dedicated to my Aunt.
To view my latest article click on this link: I am a Fearless Dreamer
I am super stoked the editor loved this piece (including the quote which is actually mine) because it did come from my heart and I hope you guys like it too. I am currently working on my 3rd piece and the editor of Yogi Approved is featuring me alongside other writers as an inspiring contributor so stay tuned for that!

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