Elephant Journal: Let your life fall apart


Some time last week, in the early hours of the morning, I was wide awake and my brain was full of words, like a storm in tea cup and I originally wrote a blog post. But then I looked at what I had written and felt it could be edited to be a prose poem so I did exactly that. I happened to be reading a short piece of prose on Elephant Journal and in the corner of my eye I saw the WRITE Button. In the heat of the moment and in such a delirious state of awake and dreaming I submitted my prose poem to them. I honestly thought I’d never hear back from them or perhaps receive an email telling me my article was rejected. Because lets face it, Elephant Journal are HUGE with millions of viewers reading their articles and I am pretty sure they are picky as to who they decide to publish with them.

And yet, with the space of 24 hours an email was sent to me by one of the editors telling me they loved what I submitted want to publish my piece! I was over the moon! Elephant Journal chose me! WOW! This has been a mini goal of mine to show work with them and it came true!
This article is very personal about my childhood and how at 30 I now want to re-discover and heal my inner child through Yoga…..

I grew up in a turbulent childhood, I don’t want to dwell on the past or get the violins out; it’s just a fact I have made peace with (or, at least am trying to).

Growing up fast was vital, I was molded into a serious, quiet kid and expectations of me to be clever, independent and mature were very high.

The invisible rule book was my bible and my mother’s stern words were my psalms.

I was the trophy child, the one who had her entire life mapped out for herself by the age of 10, the perfect teenager who didn’t get wasted or come home past curfew and the respectable 20-something who found pleasure in being a domestic goddess, cheerily catering to ex-partner’s every need and being the nicest doormat you’d ever walk all over. I never stepped out of line, and I was dutiful to a fault.

I was so consumed with being the prissy good girl, I lost myself completely in the people-pleasing madness.

And yet I ached to break free.

I desired to be delightfully wayward.

I needed to be unabashedly playful….

So without further adieu you can read the rest of my first article with Elephant Journal here!

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