A walk in the Woods {Video}

This is my first ever Yoga video. it’s short and sweet and it started out as tester clips for Jon who was playing around with his new Gimbal which is a type of steady Cam to help him create sweeping, fluid movements for his travel videos.

We went for a walk around a nearby woodland and nature trail and Jon just needed a moving model to practice working with this Gimbal. My yoga is progressing every day but I found it difficult to perform on the spot and also think up poses that would work well for a specific shot. Because I am not fluent in yoga sequencing (other than sun & moon salutations) I could not think up asanas that work with each other but I didn’t let that get me down because this video was spontaneous and playful, it wasn’t meant to be anything special in terms of me being a fricken amazing yogi performing cool stunts but it is special as a memory of a time and a place Jon & I love.

The chosen song is ‘Such great heights’ by Iron & Wine and it is a favourite of mine.

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