Joyful Things 13

Moby gives away music for yoga or meditation all for FREE!
A touching art project to remember a grandfather who passed away.
Funny article about a guy making hilarious room requests in hotels abroad.
A wonderful interview with Winona Ryder, she is a favourite actress of mine.
Interesting short documentary about our unwanted clothes ending up in India.
A sweet Meghan Currie yoga time-lapse video with her cat, makes me think of the film Amelie.
I’ve just discovered the amazing artwork of Laurel Burch, I adore her FantastiCats!
Incredible new technology helping people with paralysis.
Cute story book about a woman & her 16 cats, illustrated by the talented Emma Block.
I’m researching what TEFL training to do soon!

I have officially finished my contract with the language summer school, it’s been a great two months full of challenges and rewarding moments. I do hope to be asked back for next summer as I have more confidence about the job role and what is expected of me so that next year it won’t be such a surprise.

I have started the first module of the dance therapy theory diploma, there are only six modules in the entire course and because I’ve been researching dance movement therapy in my free time for a number of years I feel like it won’t take me long to complete this diploma, I reckon in six to eight weeks I’ll be finished. It teaches you a simple class structure to incorporate into your community classes and it’s a very similar framework to what I was taught at my kids yoga-dance teacher training so I feel confident about studying this diploma.

As stated above I am on the search for a TEFL training that works for me. There is one that starts in October with a 20 hour weekend practical intensive (+120hour online learning) which I may sign up to do as the dates are so close to my birthday and it would feel special turning 31 and training to be an English teacher to foreign students! Eventually I will study advanced courses in “Teaching English Online” and “Teaching Young Learners” too. As I think teaching from the comfort of my home would be great (especially if one day I have a family) and teaching young learners will work really well with being a kids yoga & dance teacher.

Right now though for this week I am taking time out for myself to write two yogi approved articles and make dream catchers. Happy Hump Day everyone!

*Photo of my mini alter in our bedroom, consisting of: My Tibetan singing bowl, Ganesh & Lakshmi deities, oil burner and a cute elephant couple that represents love & partnership.

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