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Hotnitsa falls (also known as “Kaya Bunar”) and eco-trail is a splendid day trip from Veliko Tarnovo. It is best to hire a car as I’m unsure of the bus time schedules, however there is an information office in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo where you can inquire about buses and taxis to your destination. The waterfalls are situated near the village Hotnitsa and is only 15KM from Veliko Tarnovo. If you are holidaying in Veliko Tarnovo province and have seen the main sites and fancy a wonder, Hotnitsa falls is a brilliant day trip for nature lovers.


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These waterfalls are considered one of the most beautiful in all of Bulgaria. Covered in limestone cliffs and the waters are a gorgeous azure blue-although we visited the area just as the rainy season was coming to an end so the water at that time was rather muddy however it still doesn’t take away its picturesque look, it looks like a fairy tale lagoon. Plus a new eco-trail has been added so you can climb up and around the falls and onto a meadow full of wild flowers and bees. The eco-trail is not safety regulated and to some rather precious parents, it would seem dangerous for their kids but my 7 year old nephew climbed it, as did my mum in her late 50’s. Sadly there is no wheel chair access and if you do genuinely struggle with your health I wouldn’t recommend this trail. The path can be steep and at times wooden ladder steps in the earth are added so you do feel like you are rock climbing!
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Wearing casual clothes and good foot wear is a must- do not do what I did. I wore a play suit and sandals! Jon did not like having to see my butt cheeks as I climbed the ladders and my feet didn’t always feel protected.

If you don’t fancy doing the eco-trail, you can sit by the waterfall and marvel at the views whilst having a picnic in the grass or at a table provided. This place is not really geared up for tourists though so there isn’t really a cafe or toilets, the “car park” is literally a bunch of cars under trees to prevent overheating-find a spot-that’s your space! From what I am aware though, it is free, most nature spots in Bulgaria are free and who doesn’t love a free day out?

The Bulgarian’s are not too concerned with safety, as stated above. If you fall, its your own fault! Sometimes the wooden banisters and bridges didn’t feel secure either and I did think I may fall to my death but Jon called me a whimp, ha!
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Towards the end, to get to the top, the eco-trail sort of stops by a mass of boulders and there isn’t really a path helping to lead you up to the top. The only option is to climb up over the boulders because considering going back was out of the question! Climbing those massive rocks in sandals was interesting to say the least!  At the top its a lovely, slow walk down back to the car via lush fields of flowers and very curious Bulgarian Bees. These bees are harmless but a lot more inquisitive than British bees, many tend to buzz around you for a while and eventually fly away. Other than that, the walk back to the car was easy going with fresh, cool air and stunning views for miles around. What is not to love?
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