What exactly is the Shadow Self?




Here’s the thing about the shadow self. Many people misunderstand it as representing the ugly part of ourselves but it isn’t. It is usually the part of ourselves we have repressed or become dormant. It is the mirror image of things already brought to light.

For example: I’m confident at belly dancing, this is brought to the light. But I’ve repressed my throat chakra so struggle to recite poetry, sing, make public speeches etc, I’m shy with my voice. All these things are forms of creative expression. Only my dancing is brought to the light. The rest is in my shadow self waiting for me to bring to the light.
Many believe the Shadow self is very negative, but this simply isn’t true.The Shadow is rather what you yourself perceive as dark and weak about yourself, and therefore needing to be hidden and denied. But this depends on your own perpsective on life, and your levels of  self worth and self esteem.


So while for one person their shadow might just contain such classic elements as sadness rage, laziness, and cruelty, you might also hide your personal power, your independance or your emotional sensitivity.

Many witches and pagans misunderstand the Shadow side as something brimming with utter darkness and something to be accepted in order to feel like an authentic person, thus believing others are shallow and fake for seeming fluffy and light hearted. Which again is another misconception. A lot of light workers and healers have been through their darkness, healed many parts of it, journyed through their underworld and climbed out into the light. They crossed over the other side and now see the light and beauty in life. For life is short. Being in the darker aspects of the soul is not the same as the shadow self. Remaining in the dark is not good for your mental well being and mind-body-spirit connection.

Many shamans and medicine women have journyed to meet their shadow self and now practice healing others associated with love and light.

The shadow self is not the angry, vengeful, aggressive side to us. It is simply our deepest worries, fears, insecurities and traumas that affect how we live on a daily basis.

Understanding that the shadow is of both positive and negative aspects to ourselves helps us see that actually we all have beautiful flaws, we’ve all got vulnerabilities, we’re all only human trying to do our best with the experiences we get and the life lessons we learn.
The shadow is not our evil/raging self- all extreme “negative” emotions come from the ego. The shadow self reflects the light like the moon does to the sun.

In that sense then, your moon sign is a reflection of your sun sign. It is who you really are at your deepest core and when you are most raw and vulnerable. Not many people see because we hide it behind our sun sign.

My sun is in Libra so outwardly I appear aloof, calm, balanced, indecisive, hates confrontation and I love beauty. Libras can appear superficial and uncaring because they seek beauty and harmony rather than rocking the boat.
My moon is in Virgo. This is who I am in the shadows, meaning who I really am in the comfort of my home and with those closest to me who see beyond my Libra sun.
Virgo is down to Earth, a person who likes to be of service, a tad pedantic, stubborn, tendencies to seem like a know it all because they’re very intellectual and learn about a lot of things from politics to art and all that’s in between, a perfectionist and practical within the home and with finances.
These are things even family don’t know about me because all they see is a silly Libra.

The shadow is more like the private self we may choose to unlock, heal and share and add it to our daily life in the external world as we grow and heal.

I’m working with stories of deities like Persephone to create workshops and visual journeys to help clients walk through their underworld to meet their shadow self, perhaps it’s inner child work? Perhaps it’s shyness over public speaking? The struggle to show feelings?
I’ve been interested in this subject for years and if anyone would love a healing session or workshop on this subject. Contact me for more details.


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