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The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas, Bad Yogi


I enjoyed writing an Herbal Tea article for Yogi Approved so much that I wrote one for Bad Yogi as well.
This one includes four different herbal teas alongside Green Tea and Chamomile. I just love learning about herbs and I think one day I’ll own my own herb garden and little house somewhere with wooden beams so I can hang my herbs to dry. My best friend loves learning about essential oils and in her spare time she creates essential oil soaps and shampoos and I love researching old wives tales about herbal tinctures and concoctions brewed to help heal wounds, cure headaches and aid pain relief during child birth; and I like the idea that someday I’ll be creating home brewed herbal teas of my own for similar reasons (and for enjoyment too). It’s all very earthy and wild and I see myself being the eccentric wise woman on the end of her street whom people come to for advice or perhaps for some yoga and my house will be decorated with plants, dream catchers, vintage records, books galore! And objects collected from around the world, ah a girl can dream!

But without further adieu here is my Herbal tea article with Bad Yogi plus illustrations by a good friend of mine Esther Lankaar.

“An ancient Chinese proverb says: Better to be deprived of food for three days than of tea for one.

Tea has been a favorite beverage worldwide for hundreds of years. A pot of tea shared among friends can bring an air of enchantment to an afternoon, and a cup of tea with a book on a rainy evening can bring warmth and peace of mind to any restless soul.
The tea plant been called the Plant of Heaven for 4,000 years and has been highly valued as a drink of pleasure and as medicine.

Peppermint tea is famous for easing aches and pains associated with colds and flu, as well as headaches and bad breath. Rosemary tea on your scalp can encourage hair growth. Chamomile tea in your bath does wonders for your skin and aids relaxation. And Thyme tea is a powerful antiseptic and helps heal infections.”

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