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Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

During my stay in Australia, I spent a month in Coffs Harbour. Many Aussie’s laugh at me for wanting to stay in Coffs Harbour for that long, but actually I really loved being there and I was also visiting friends. For the other two months I was in Bundaberg, Brisbane and the Gold Coast which I will write about in other posts. My time in Australia wasn’t necessarily to backpack around, but more a time of rest from all the trainings I did in Bali and also to meet up with friends again. Which is why I didn’t go to many places, I do not regret this choice, I know I can go back if I want to for a trip that is more adventurous in the future.

Coffs Harbour

This is a lovely sleepy seaside town with pockets of bohemia within its local communities. Situated between the ocean and national parks that make you feel like you are in New Zealand, this place is actually really lovely. I stayed with a good friend who lived a five minute walk from the beach and a two minute walk to a river with woodland footpath. I was in Coffs for May 2019 which was during the end of Australia’s Autumn season. The nights and early mornings were slightly cold but during the day, most days were bright and sunny with warm temperatures, so much so that its common practice for Aussies to walk into their local super markets totally barefoot. I felt like I was in heaven as I really don’t like wearing shoes.

For the majority of travellers though I will suggest thinking of Coffs Harbour as a base to visit nearby areas, as really there isn’t much to do here, even though the drive to Coffs is pretty. It’s a very quiet town. The locals here don’t have many prospects or opportunities either. Some people are starting up bohemian and alternative buisnesses, this includes yoga related retreats and workshops. But it is slow, and many people who were born here, never leave. So it has this forgotten town vibe to it. That being said, it is a safe place to visit and if you are passing through, I do highly recommend spending a day here. There is enough to see for about a day or two. Continue reading