Lancashire & Yorkshire

This place is where I was born and brought up. Parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire have some of the most beautiful and wild terrains in England. Living away from home and even watching
‘Game of Thrones’ and listening to the Northern accent makes me proud to be Northern.
And even some of the buildings in Blackpool town centre are seeped in history and architecture of the Roaring Twenties (1920), the golden age of Jazz, flapper girls and when my Romany
ancestors settled here as street performers, Gypsy dancers and fortune tellers.

ingelton falls

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Ingelton Falls is a breath taking trail and there is no excuse for being too old or unfit for this 4 mile walk because we saw an old couple with walking sticks on this trail!
excellent place for families as well as travel photographers.

white scar caves

yorkshire dales


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white scar caves

White Scar Caves is very close to Ingelton Falls and you can plan both activities for one day trip (if you get up early enough) Both are open all year round but obviously
be sensible in regards to the weather, I’d suggest always wrap up warm, there is usually always a brisk wind in the Yorkshire Dales.

White Scar Caves
Yorkshire Dales

winter gardens

Blackpool tourism

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The Blackpool Winter Gardens is a spectacular Building with numerous fairs, exhibitions and shows happening through out the year.
Do check out current shows from their website at:
The Blackpool Winter Gardens

Also do check out The Invisible Circus. They reside in Bristol but tour around the UK.
The Invisible Circus

All snaps and Video footage are taken by both Katie and Jon.All rights reserved. You may not take any images or content from this site without written permission.

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