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I am massively into Art Therapy and anything Therapy or Therapeutically related hence why I am training in Massage Therapy at the moment. In the distant future I do intend on doing a masters in Art Therapy. I decided not to go straight into a masters after my degree because I want to gain some excellent life experience in Health & Social care, recreational support work as well as Therapy related training and work experience. I am even happy to wait until I am settled down and married and had kids and when they are grown up enough I think then would be the perfect time for me to do my masters part time. But who knows what the future brings? Even if I never get the title of “Art Therapist” I may still enjoy a career in the arts that utilises creativity in a therapeutic way. I enjoy promoting Health & Well-being in general which is why my interests branch out into Massage, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and Dance Therapy.
Here are some books I have read and currently reading, if you are interested in this field I really recommend them!

art therapy source book
The Art Therapy Source Book was the first Art Therapy Book I bought (age 19) when my friend Despina Chrysanthou mentioned she wanted to be a Drama-therapist at the time and told me there was such a thing as Art Therapy. This book is a great introduction into the art therapy world, It is by an American Author and is really easy to read without any of that pretentious jargon specialists adopt.
Here is the link to buy this book: Art therapy Source book

drawing on difference, mair rees
Drawing on Difference is a great book that delves into Art Therapy with people who have Autism & Learning Difficulties. Mair Rees is well known in the Art Therapy world so it would be good to research her and the work she does. She is an Absolutely brilliant lady. Her area of expertise seems to be with children who have special needs, specifically Autism so if this is the field you want to work in then I suggest reading more of her material including articles she has published. I bought this as another beginners Art Therapy book as ‘special needs’ is a popular subject that psychologists and therapist research and it feels good to know I have some basic knowledge in this line of work but it is not where I want to specialise in.
To buy this book: Drawing on Difference

the hand book of art therapy, Tesse Dailey
The Handbook of Art Therapy was a birthday present from Jon a couple of years back. Another excellent introductory book about Art Therapy as a whole and even looks into different types of Art studios and therapy settings, how to train as an art therapist, client case studies and much more. These two authors again are ones to watch. This book is also great for practitioners to refer back to.
A good introductory book to purchase: The Handbook of Art Therapy

the secret world of drawing
The Secret World of Drawing is a small book with only 147 pages and much of that is taken up by bibliographies at the end of each chapter to encourage more reading. The book is set out more like a dissertation that explores drawing through the eyes of Jungian theory. Also includes coloured images which is quite rare. Most art therapy books print completely in Black & white (which seems odd to me, isn’t colour important?) This book is a nice short read during a train journey or for lazy afternoon reading.
To Purchase this book: The Secret world of Drawings

art heals, shaun mcniff
Art Heals is a wonderful book by Shaun Mcniff. This book is completely different to any I have read. Easy to read and welcoming yet still informative in regards to the Art Therapy side to it, but Mcniff adds a gentler & spiritual aspect to his writings as he researches into Archetypes, dreams, mandala art, soul searching, shamanism and spirit guides. This book offers a more holistic approach to Art Therapy.
To buy this book: Art Heals

reflections of body image in art therapy
Reflections of Body Image in Art Therapy is centred around art therapy for women with emotional and psychological disorders in regards to their bodies and how they perceive themselves. This is one of the fields I wish to specialise in. I wish to eventually work with young adults (preferably women) from many different cultures & ethnicities including refugees and victims of trauma. This book offers a look into therapeutic workshops on craft and stitching or making 3d objects via textiles, creating art that explores identity & the physical body, society, culture and self discovery.
Here is the link to buy this book if you wish: Reflections of Body Image

art therapy and drama therapy, masks of the soul
This one is an oldie but a goodie. Art Therapy students are encouraged to read many books on general art therapy and the field they perhaps wish to specialise in before they go onto to do their masters. This was on the reading list for Goldsmith’s Art Psycho-Therapy Masters course and it looked interesting. I love the idea of fusing art with drama and researching into identity, the concept of masks and alter-egos.
Here is the link to buy this book: Art Therapy & Drama-Therapy

art therapy in asia
One of it’s kind. The first ever Art Therapy book that showcases how popular Art Therapy is becoming in Asia including India, Napal, China and Thailand. This is right up my street as I mentioned before that this is the area of expertise I wish to specialise in.
Treat yourself, buy this book: Art Therapy in Asia

performance poetry, spoken word poetry, poetry therapy
Sarah Kay who is a performance poet in New York made me think about other forms of creative therapy and since I also write short stories and poems I wondered if there is a book about Poetry Therapy. This is what I found. I have not got round to reading this one just yet however I am excited to get started! As an artist I work more with the mixed media realm and so I think I’d enjoy becoming an ‘ARTS THERAPIST’ or Creative therapist that encourages clients to look beyond drawing and painting, perhaps they’d prefer to express their feelings via dance or poetry instead?
To buy this Book: Poetry Therapy

You can find nearly all of these on Jessica Kingsley Publishing’s website or Amazon.

Plus these are 4 books I really want and are on my Amazon Wish list (if anyone wants to buy them as a birthday present? My birthday is in October)

expressive arts therapy, activity hand book

This book offers tips & advice on activities and workshops to work on with a client. This would be an excellent resource book for me to find arts & craft ideas to facilitate in workshops.
To purchase this book: Expressive Arts Therapy

using art therapy in diverse populations
This book is newly published (August 2013) and again centres on art therapy in cultures and ethnicity.
To buy this book: Using Art therapy in Diverse Populations

kid's sacred places, safe place, room installation art
This takes Art Therapy to a whole new level. Using the room as a therapeutic tool so that children and even adults can create their own safe place.
Here is the link to this book: Kid’s Sacred Places

dance therapy
I have a number of books on Art Therapy, a book that covers Drama Therapy and another on Poetry Therapy but I also love dance and movement and from personal experience Belly Dance has acted like a meditation or yoga that helped calm my soul during times of sorrow, surely I should have a book about Dance Therapy too? I love the idea of qualifying as a creative arts therapist that utilises art, poetry and dance into my workshops? Utter Bliss!
if you want to buy this book here is the link: Dance Therapy

If you are interested in a career in Art Therapy here is a website and a blog also.

The British association of Art Therapy They also publish a Journal twice yearly called “Inscape” It is rather expensive though.

Art Therapy Blog: Inspiring others to Create

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