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Aanisah picking an apple tree

Esther picking an apple from a tree

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All of these samples were drawn for me by friends acting as case studies for my Art Therapy Foundation Diploma, all of these drawings are beautiful & sweet. They have all given me permission to showcase them on this blog.
I am nearly finished with my 3rd module and due to start the 4th. I am really interested in drawing tests, the symbolism of objects and placement of things in dreams & drawings and of cultural archetypal imagery.

I would love to continue my collection of “Draw yourself Picking an Apple from a Tree Test.” So if you would like to have a go please submit your drawing to: Katie(at)sunflowerteeth.com.
I love that something so simple can become so varied, you’d assume that most people would draw pretty much in the same way or using the same shapes and angles but they don’t, each drawing is different and each drawing can tap into basic personality traits, thoughts and feelings. I aim to do mini interpretations of these drawings as practise for my course and for fun considering I am not a qualified art therapist, I am merely developing my knowledge at this point in my life.

Curious about how you make decisions? I know I am! That’s where the Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) drawing assessment comes in handy. The artist is asked to draw a person picking an apple from a tree in anyway they want using shape, line and colour (the artist is provided with a drawing medium like markers, pastels or coloured pencils). The drawing can then be assessed for prominence of colour and colour choice, developmental level, energy, line-quality, realism, logic, detail, and problem-solving. Someone with depression might have low prominence of color, detail and may show some difficulty with problem-solving to pick the apple.
* Materials in this case were lacking for some of my friends and only had a Biro pen and a bit of paper to use.

How would you draw someone picking an apple from a tree?

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