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Shamanism & Spirituality in Therapeutic Practise is an interesting concept. I have recently been researching animal symbolism/spirits, nature therapy and utilizing Shamanistic ideas into my dance performances. “The underlying concepts and world-views of indigenous and contemporary shamanism are compared, contrasted and tied in with current developments in psychology, physics and neuro-science. After clarifying altered states of perception, concepts of integrative wholeness of mind, body, soul and spirit and transformative shamanic healing approaches, the book discloses how indigenous traditions can be adjusted for contemporary practice. It offers practitioners a highly effective repertoire of insights, psycho-spiritual approaches and step-by-step therapeutic tools and techniques, illustrated with examples and case studies throughout.” Christa Mackinnon has been a Therapist for over 25 years & has spent time as an apprentice to Shamans in South American.


The Healing Forest in Post-Crisis Work with Children “is an innovative approach based on the direct and creative dialogues humans have with nature. For the first time in the English language, this book presents the theory behind the approach along with detailed guidelines for using it with children who have experienced stress or trauma. The authors explain how nature-based activities ranging from tree planting to making feeding stations for birds can be used therapeutically in conjunction with storytelling and other expressive arts therapies with children who have experienced large-scale crises such as wars, terrorism and natural or man-made disasters, as well as more common causes of stress such as the divorce of parents, moving home, the illness of a loved one and bullying.” This is a lovely book that also includes a high gloss/colour story about a forest. Both therapeutic practitioners & teachers can use this book in a school setting or therapy room.


All Therapeutic practitioners & Psychology students should read Memories, dreams, reflections by Jung. This book is actually on my reading list I need to read before I go on to do my masters in Art Therapy one day. I wanted to read it now and take notes so that I can keep on flipping through it over the years and be thoroughly prepared for when the day comes.
In 1957, four years before his death, Carl Gustav Jung began writing his life story. But what began as an exercise in autobiography soon morphed into an altogether more profound undertaking. The result is an absorbing piece of self-analysis: a frank statement of faith, philosophy and principles from one of the great explorers of the human mind.
Covering everything from Sigmund Freud, analytical psychology and Jungian dream interpretation to a forthright discussion of Christianity and the existence of God, these final reflections on an extraordinary life are a fitting coda to the work of Carl Gustav Jung.

By the end of my Art: It’s Place in Therapy Foundation Diploma I will have read 12 books about Art-psychotherapy plus numerous Art Therapy Articles & Essays. I think by the time I go on to do my Masters I will have a pretty awesome Bibliography!
If you fancy Art Therapy as a career path I hope you find these book reviews helpful?

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