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I discovered Art Journalling when I learned about Dan Eldon & his Art Journals.
In the past I have included my Journal pages in mixed media illustrations, publications & performance art pieces but they are also an excellent therapeutic activity especially for those who feel like they can not draw or paint and the idea of creating a piece of art is a bit scary for them. Collage making & Art Journalling is a form of Spontaneous art where the individual can literally just go wild and make a beautiful mess that represents how they feel that day or perhaps document their daily activities without needing the so-called artistic skills.

Art Journalling & Collage making have been creative activities I have used to run mini group workshops at arts centres & I have inspired 3 friends to take up Art Journalling as a hobby. I hope to continue facilitating workshops that revolving around mixed media, collage & ‘How to start up your own Art Journal’ in the near future as it is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy & it is a great form of cathartic release.

One day I would love to make huge room installations in an exhibition space with video projections & collages surrounding the viewers, almost like they are walking into a labyrinth of textured imagery, or perhaps a collage waterfall cascading out of a wall? it would be a multi-sensory experience into my mind-scape.

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