My Tarot Reading with Dale Jackson

I was actually rather surprised at how good this reading was, I didn’t expect it to have any meaning for me what so ever, It was supposed to be a 20 minute’s worth of fun as I didn’t actively seek out a psychic or reader for answers which a lot of people do. Dale is a very lovely lady, very warm, gentle and down to earth. The sort of person who makes time for you even if she may be busy, you feel very welcomed straight away. Her room is covered in books, photos, crystals, porcelain dolls dressed as Gypsies, a gypsy caravan statue and so much more. She is just so lovely, she even offered to teach me more about the Tarot as she saw I already knew the basics and had an interest.

*She allowed me to make notes so that I can blog about the reading here.

She starts the session by figuring out your birth chart in a great big text book full of complicated tables depicting the alignments of the planets.
With the year I was born, the month & the day she told me this:

Sun sign: Libra
Moon: Virgo

Rising: Scorpio
Mars (+ 2 other planets) in Scorpio
3 more planets in earth signs (2 in Virgo & 1 Capricorn)
I also have Sagittarius in Uranus.

This means:
As a Libra I am agreeable, fair and gentle. I try to find balance in every aspect of my life. I am peaceful and Just, always seeking to help others rather than myself. She said “you are a sign of partnership, you learn about the world through sharing part of your life with others and you always think ‘How can I help this person, how can I be a better person for them. Which doesnt always work because then you end up being a doormat, don’t be a doormat Katie, Libra’s are strong women too, in a world of men the Libra woman shines, look at Margaret Thatcher, she’s a Libra, you have the ability to encourage others to do things or be a part of things without raising your voice or making others feel inferior, this is a very powerful leadership quality.”

Moon in Virgo: Raw, earthly sensuality, introverted, but stands out from the crowd- an innocent sensuality. I express myself through my moon sign. “You even have the unruly Virgo locks, like you’ve just made love in a forest or something, just look at your beautiful curls!, even the way you dress is different, a very creative yet gentle soul you are”

Having 3 planets aligned in Scorpio (Mars, Saturn and Neptune) the day I was born means on the inside I am a very deep and mystical person. I have an uncanny sixth sense with an element of suspicion towards others. This is good as it makes me a great detective at sussing out who can be trusted and I am usually always right when I uncover who is being deceptive or toxic. The Scorpio in Mars makes me seductive and sensual towards the opposite sex “Men find you alluring & mysterious which can make women around you jealous.” I am a passionate soul towards the man I love.

Having 3 planets in earth signs (2 of which in Virgo) makes my personality friendly and approachable yet critical. The Capricorn side to me is slightly sceptical about the mystical aspect of my personality and there comes a point where yes I believe in some “other worldly things” but it stops at believing in fairies and the down right bizarre, I need evidence to support such theories. She told me “This is good you have kept grounded and set boundaries but in order for your sixth sense to flourish the Capricorn in you needs to stop rationalizing your gut feelings because they are very strong and you have a tendency to doubt yourself and your intuition, you need to open up more and go with your gut.”

Sagittarius in Uranus: Uranus is the planet of Chaos and Sagittarius is the sign of travel & culture. These 2 mixed together means, I will travel a lot in life and I will enjoy it but expect disruption & chaos.

The Reading:

The first 2 cards are aces. A very good start. The very first card is the Ace of Wands and she said “See; you are a Libra but I see you more as fire and this just confirms it, a gentle burn, wear red more. Deep within you you have bundles of confidence, you are glorious! Your presence is commanding and you burn with so much creativity! Also very big change coming your way between now and Christmas, you will be thrown into a very new & different world, a part of you will think you are not fully qualified but stay confident and keep your flame burning, you do have what it takes. Ace of wands means action, ‘what’s in it for me’, new projects, chance. As a Libra you put others before what you want. Now is the time to act and be selfish for a change, be more like Aries which is your opposite sign, they take charge and do what they want, you need to tap into that regardless of what others might say to stop you. The Ace of Wands also works with the Queen of Wands which will be mentioned later in the reading. “I think this is you, you are the Queen of wands” she said.

The Ace of Pentacles works harmoniously with the Ace of Wands. Through action and positive change comes financial gain (pentacles means coins/money). This is a time to do what you want not what is best for others dear Libra. A time to be active, self confident, no holding back, act upon your moon in Leo, express your true self.Can I also say that it is true that for you to be fulfilled you need to do something in life where it has your name behind it. YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO. Do you understand that? Your idea of success is not money, cars, houses, materialistic things. Success to you is knowledge and using that knowledge and your name with your title, YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO. (I laughed and said ‘yes I understand’).

This year (2014), a lucky turn of events will happen, more profit, new & bold adventures unfold, travel, somewhere with a desert?

You need to start attracting others like yourself, be bold, do not be afraid to show your individuality. Attract people with strong & creative auras like yourself. Rid yourself of those who dampen your spirit and have weak auras, they are like cobwebs to you, don’t let them drag you down, put them in the past.

The Moon card comes up around Christmas, an aspect of The Star and Death Card. You need to close a part of your lifestyle and put it in the past. There is a death of something about to be put in your past, let it happen. In order for the new to arrive something (not someone) needs to die. This is a new you and your new world. Also be a little bit guarded and on the defensive, bring out the intuitive & suspicious Scorpio in you, look into the underworld and be discrete when sussing an individual out for someone is being shadowy & deceptive around you. You are surrounded by jealousy, you need to toughen up. This is a time to be private, be careful who you trust, be the dark soul, be like a hermit from within. You will close that door 4 months on, and you will be ruthless because of what you have uncovered. Don’t let others know of your private life and finances, be a bit more distrusting over who wants to know your business. I replied “I already am, a lot of this is already happening, I am sussing out who is untrustworthy already”.

The Hermit Card Outwardly you’ll still be exuberant and vivacious. Inwardly you’ll be like the Hermit by not letting the nosey into your business. A time for Privacy whilst looking back in time and shaking off all those Gremlins.

The Empress combined with The Queen of Wands depicts me in a new found state of grace, calm confidence yet reflective. A very strong woman you are and you will feel it soon to.

Wheel of Fortune Card Tie up loose ends, look forward, new projects (I keep getting this in my readings recently). A great change is on the horizon, it has been a slow process and you have felt like nothing is moving, it has and now it will hit you like a tornado. This has not been a steady or gradual change which is hard for you because you are methodical, but now this new change will come at you like a gust of wind, hold onto your hat!

Prince of Cups: This is a man, a moody Pisces around you. He wants to talk to you but not sure how, he is up and down in his mind most of the time and finds communication difficult. Watch out there is no undertone, he wants to talk and level with you. Don’t let this person drain you. He is a water sign and will put your fire out if you let him. You are a Libra and with that have been agreeable around him so not to stir commotion, you now need to stand up for yourself, don’t let him take your energy, your fire. Evaporate his water, do not let someone dampen your spirits and be agreeable for the sake of peace. Take initiative, change the picture.

The Star Card: A lovely card, wish upon a star, try something different. This is an international picture, this is the world wide web but first check legal side to it first. New people, wild card, eccentric, different, not your usual boring lifestyle, start thinking big about your life and your career. You could be a little star in this big world, push yourself and keep confident. The Star also represents something of a charitable nature to your career which co-insides with you as a Libra wanting to help others, on a personal note it is also something to do with understanding human behaviour, helping someone in a psychological area, that someone needs to take their medication to start getting better, they need you right now to help them see the light in the dark world that is surrounding them.

The Knight of Cups: depicted on the card as an Angel of Love and this man is just that. A very kind man who could make a good father, green eyes but look dark? That’s unusual isn’t it? Green eyes that look dark? He will come into your life through a friend.

End Card, Queen of Cups: A state of grace, a wonderful card to end with for a Libra Lady- You can and will walk on Water. This mermaid can live in a lovely peaceful lake.
You have a lot of fire cards (wands) and Queen Cards in this reading. A very positive reading this is, yes there will be a time of shadow between now and Christmas but it is the fire in you that will combat it. You have a lovely warm glow in your aura, don’t let other dampen it, you will stay strong like these Queens and you will take command and control over what you want for a change. You will cut away from people you don’t want in your life and keep up your confident spirit for there is great change coming very soon.


© 2014 sunflowerteeth & Dale Jackson.

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  1. Jinn

    I did a postal reading with Dale Jakson back in September. Although very interesting, but nothing she said has happened so far 🙂 Although a fire sign lady came in to my life as she predicted but my Mom is standing in her way, that she never predicted 🙁


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