A Botanical Mini Break

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Jon & I decided at the last minute to go away for a few days to Cornwall just to relax and clear our minds from the daily grind. We both realized we had been super busy we had forgotten to just be in the moment. Jon is travelling here, there and everywhere with work and I am writing articles, organzing my workshop, studying and arranging numerous projects. Things needed to come to a mini hault, so we did just that. This is kind of like a mini break inbetween the big breaks (Nepal in March and Bulgaria this September). I suggested we go somewhere botanical based because I am currently gathering research for my latest art project that has been buzzing around the back of my mind for ages. As this winter sets in I wish to work on a set of Botanical illustrations which will also be incorporated into an illustrated poetry book. But also this mini break allowed my body to be a little at peace because I recently fell down the stairs and bruised my Coccyx bone, it has been suggested I take it easy so very little or no Yoga (and Dance) for a short while…However as you will see in my photos this didn’t stop me from doing some Yoga poses and in all fairness it took only seconds to take a Yoga photograph so there is no harm in that, my Butt bone was achy a little later though!
Our mini break lasted 3 days and we ventured to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, the Eden Project, Truro and a Cicrus (Truro and the Circus are not shown in this post).







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The Lost Gardens of Heligan was perhaps our favourite day trip out of the three. The weather was glorious and the gardens have so much to offer. There are beautiful flowers, secret water fountains, vintage white sitting areas, hammocks for lounging, a teepee workshop area for your little ones and even a little farm. Jon & I took a picnic with us and lazily basqued in the sun all day.
The next day we ventured to Truro to potter about the quaint shops and cobbled roads and in the evening we enjoyed watching a rather tacky Cicrus whilst munching on some overly sugared donuts.
The last day we strolled around the biodomes of the Eden Project, we have been here before and fancied going back and renewing our yearly ticket. we grasped at the opportunity to go here later in the afternoon from 3pm and the place was open until 8pm, this means less tourists and even better less screaming spoiled children. Other than a few quiet families and cute couples we had the place to ourselves and it felt wonderful to get lost in these giant tropical plants. You do feel like you are in the middle of a rain forrest or perhaps a massive Terrarium.
During our mini break we were based in Jon’s parent’s caravan in Par. Here I delighted in reading my books (including a children’s book), playing with my Tarot cards and writing up draft versions of my poetic short meditations I hope to record on soundcloud very soon. All in all it was a brilliant mini break and it was just what my soul needed. It really was a beautiful Botanical Mini Break.

















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On other news, I am writing a book review for my next article with Yogi Approved and my Chakra Balancing course is almost complete as I now have 5 case studies to type up.
My Dance workshop in Glastonbury is being postponed until the end of September due to a number of factors including my poorly Coccyx bone but it is still happening!
I will be enroling on a Dance Therapy Diploma shortly and very soon I am off to Bulgaria to visit my Mum. So all in all I am content, although a little fatigued but feeling thankful for all that has come into my life this year so far.

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