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I have recently discovered my personality & soul cards in a Tarot deck. It never before crossed my mind until someone I know mentioned that their soul card is the High Priestess so I wanted to find out mine.
It turns out that my personality card is the Star meaning on the surface I appear aloof, carefree, optimistic, bright eyed and full of wander for the world and maybe a little bit eccentric. I can appear effortless, graceful and full of exuberant creativity. My Soul card is Strength meaning on a deeper level, underneath my seemingly sweet and almost innocent, offbeat persona I have a lot of inner strength which can be confusing to some, how can someone who is outwardly naive to the real world and appears to have lofty ideas with her head in the clouds (or skies) have a deep rooted, practical inner strength?

With both cards, traditionally there are two female characters who are very active in their pursuits so you get a real movement based form of femininity, neither of these women are passive/submissive. With the Star being wild and naked playing with water and Strength taming a lion, these women are a beautiful fusion of creativity and adventure and both women show integrity for their true selves that radiates outwardly for the viewer to see, neither of these women are hiding, their true nature is ever present. I liken the Star to an exhibitionist who may delight in doing naked yoga and Strength could be a female circus performer showcasing her talents as a lion tamer.


The Star sees benign beauty and goodness in nature and herself. She trusts what she sees and leaves it alone. Strength sees the raw, immediate power in nature and in herself. She controls and contains it like a dam works with a river.

Together they are graceful, beautiful, peaceful and strong, with their powers and talents in perfect balance and harmony, and all their virtues at the service of the world. Although a part of me was a tad annoyed I didn’t get ‘The High Priestess’ as any of my cards, because she is a favourite character in the Tarot, I can’t deny that these two cards are actually quite accurate to my personality and inner psyche so I am overjoyed with the outcome.

Read more & find out what your cards are here.

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