Joyful Things 0/5

Three year old girl creates stunning abstract art on huge canvases.
These yoga cards for kids are adorable! I was gifted them as a Christmas Present this year.
These dresses are both elegant and sensual, I want one!
Bride jilted at altar quits job, travels around the world and becomes a published Author!
Shena’s expressive movement project with plants and a cat is beautifully strange.
An article discussing the science as to why eating Oysters is an Aphrodisiac, made me blush!
Lets remember the beauty of David Bowie, gosh he was a sexy and talented man.
Treated myself to this beautiful Oracle deck, it’s wild, it’s tribal and has flying Yaks!
This Brazilian couple’s dance choreography is so f*cking sexy, oh my!
An Alaskan Yogi inspires me to travel somewhere snowy because Yoga + snowy landscapes = stunning!

*Above photo: Medieval inspired wedding dress I like.

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