Yogi Approved: Top 10 Yoga Products for Kids


My absolute last article until September is up! I am taking a mini summer hiatus whilst I am working two jobs plus being busy with creating promo material for my kids yoga class side business and designing my illustrated poetry book which will consist of 50 poems and about 10 short prose. I am drafting up a prose poem for Bad yogi to be published late summer/early Autumn as well so do stay tuned for that!

So this article is a review of ten amazing yoga products for kids, these are great tools to use to encourage children to start a yoga practice or even continue on their yoga journey. I had a lot of fun working on this product review, it is amazing to see so many wonderful things being created that a teacher can add to their yoga class as extra props. I would totally include the Meddy Teddy in an adult class too just to encourage adults to tap into their inner child during the session, why not?

Check out the article here: 10 Products to Help Introduce Your Child to Yoga

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