Joyful Things 19

Interesting article with beautiful photos of an old pagan clan still living today.
Handmade, beautiful bohemian dream catcher in this Etsy shop.
TĀLĀ is a half Iranian singer/song writer. She produced this magical video called Alchemy.
Meghan Currie the incredible yogi & yoga teacher brought out her first EP Album!
From a study of wolves, we’ve got it all wrong about Alpha Males, even in humans.
Ever heard of an inverted fish tank? You can build one yourself!
This instagram yogi is super inspiring and so fricken sexy, love her tattoos!
This piano piece is so beautiful, I’ve been practicing yoga to it in the mornings.
This book about Yin Yoga looks fascinating, I fancying specializing in this form of yoga.
Men who marry smart women are less likely to develop dementia & live longer.


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