The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

health benefits of herbal teas

I am obsessed with herbal teas and herbal remedies, as is my best friend who enjoys learning about essential oils and Aromatherapy, we just love talking about healthy and natural things that are good for the body! So I wanted to write a small article about popular herbal teas and their benefits. Another Herbal tea article will be published soon with Bad Yogi and that will consist of more teas to learn about.

“According to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, drinking warm water can heal our bodies, provide digestive power and reduce metabolic waste. Warm water also helps your body burn calories and lose weight by increasing your body’s temperature and metabolic rate.

There are many more health benefits to drinking warm water, but most of us would rather drink something flavorful. Luckily, herbal teas provide flavor along with the health benefits of warm water and tea leaves. Adding herbal teas to your diet can make a positive difference in your health and wellness.”

read the whole article here: The Health Benefits of Six Herbal Teas

1 thought on “The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

  1. John

    My wife and I have been trying to get into more holistic approaches to medicine and heard that herbal tea is a great place to start. The article mentions that some herbal teas have the power to help your body burn calories and lose weight! Are there also herbal teas that can help control inflammation? I’d be curious to know!


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