Manifesting the Home and Love I want


It all started with a film and a book. I didn’t realize back then at the age of 15 when I watched “Practical Magic” how much of an impact it made upon me and how I envision my life. It sounds rediculous to say that a movie inspired how I wished to live, but actually it gave me a visual map or a basic mood board on what lifestyle I wanted to manifest when I grew up. In many ways I knew early on that I wanted to be a sort of earth mama, not necessarily be a stay-at-home-mum but to just be more present as a mum (if I become a mum), but even if I physically don’t become a mother to my own children, I am still a nurturer to other things and other beings.
I definitley see myself surrounded by dogs, a black cat and numerous house plants to care for as well as a herb garden and a bee hive.

You all know of my 5 year plan which has now come to completion. I’m very well traveled, I’m also qualified as a yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and reiki practioner with knowledge on mental health, nutrition and counseling skills. I’m now right there at the top of that mountain that I’ve climbed for 5 years and I see another mountain to climb in order to manifest the greater life picture.

On discovering my moon sign is Virgo, even though I am a Libra, I’ve come to discover that I am very homey, I am happiest at “home”, fusing that with the Libra energy and I have this need to share that with others, fusing that with my Scorpio rising and I want to share things on a deeper, mystical level, what this means is I want to work from home somehow (not all the time)- just like the characters in the film Practical Magic. I want to create a life revolved around the home, to be social and light hearted but with a hint of magic too. Like a real Witch!

So to keep this blog post short, I’ve made a list of all the things I am manifesting for the next stage in my life which is all about discovering what home means to me and being unfraid of being seen as Woo Woo

1: The partner: I’d like to enter my life needs to be down to earth, loving, kind, gentle, tactile and creative. He can have the most normal job on the planet but enjoys coming home to me, to the kids (if there are kids), to be creative in his own way and enjoy being in nature with me. He also needs to be open minded and understanding of my beliefs (as I would him), I want someone to respect my mystical nature rather than belittle me.

Someone who lets me bless the house, put healing crystals everywhere and cast spells in the living room and not only just letting me be me but also celebrate it, even if he doesn’t fully understand it.

To celebrate the wealth of knowledge I have without fear so that he can even recommend me to his friends and work colleuges if he feels I’d be able to help on a holistic and mystical level. “you feel you have a negative presence in your home? Kate would know what to do.” or “Western doctors not really helping? Talk to my wife, she’ll give you reiki and some remedies that could help.”

I also want him to be passionate and romantic,  I want the kids to see how much we love each other, they need to grow up seeing how a man should treat a woman- lots of kissing and sweet embraces in the kitchen, love notes and flowers too for example. A man who is unafraid to love deeply and show it.

2: The house: my dream house is similar to the one in Practical Magic. I’m not expecting something as huge as that or for it to even look like that. But in essence to have a house that includes a therapy room that overlooks the garden. Renting out spaces in the local community to teach is expensive, I’d rather bring clients and groups to my home centre which is essentially my heart centre.

To have a room that is open and bright for yoga classes, women’s circles, art groups and reiki sessions would be a dream come true. I’d love a herb garden to grow herbs for soaps, teas, shampoos and spell work. I’d love a bee hive, not for the honey but to support the bees, to be a bee mama. To be surrounded by trees but near the ocean. Working from home enables me to be present as a mum too. I want my children to grow up around all that I love and do- they’ll see me teach yoga and facilitate workshops, they’ll see me in the garden tending to my herbs, they’ll see me make art in whatever form my creativity takes that day.

The house will be full of love, art and strange things collected over the years. People will want to be in my home, if not for the love that it exudes but for the quirkiness and the magic!

3: Children/Pets: I adore the idea of homeschooling as well as sending my kids to alternative schools like Steiner or Forest schools. I feel that bringing the kids up surrounded by two parents who can teach them many things about life plus holistic education outside the home is the way forward. I know I am capable of teaching arts and humanities based subjects like Literature, history, geography, nature based play, reading, writing, arts and craft, yoga, meditation, dance, and much more. Whilst I admit I would probably need a maths and science tutor as these are my areas of weakness. In regards to pets, I love dogs so this is a no brainer, and just to keep with the witchy lifestyle I’d love a black cat or maybe a maincoon?

4: Work: Working from home a lot- online classes and workshops in the therapy room but also going out to the community to teach in local studios too and maybe teach internationally once or twice a year on retreats. Having the freedom to do online work in whatever form that takes and bring clients to me would mean I can be home for my children. Or just knowing I can take breaks and go out into the herb garden to pick herbs for drying and making soaps with, or learning to bake cookies and flapjacks or work on the botanical illustration comission. Just a work life that centres me around home and family, it is important to me since both parents in different ways were absent when I was growing up.

I feel like these are the main four componants of how I envision my life in the next stage. I believe I will always “travel” but in a more settled way and less frequently, it doesn’t necessarily inspire me as much as creating a home does right now. I see crystal balls, tribal masks, dried herbs in frames, moth specimens on walls, candles, shells, crystals, dream catchers and all kinds of weird and wonderful peices of junk collected over the years all over my house. But it will be light and airy too with many books, musical instruments, house plants everywhere, music playing, and art supplies dotted about too. It will be beautiful! And I think about this vision every day knowing one day, very slowly it will become a reality.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”- Gandhi

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