A Hymn of Love to the Earth

It took almost two years to find the time to finish this prose poem and I finally completed it and its now published on Rebelle Society. Already people who have read this poem are astounded at how I use words, to be honest it comes naturally to me, I have such strong visions, dreams and thoughts in my mind, which is why I struggle to sleep some nights and why I keep a note book by my bedside. Its as if fairies fly to me at night and whisper magical words in my ear.

This poem is extra special to me because not only is it a prayer to mother earth it is also a glimpse into my heart, how I am in relationships. You can feel the detail and the textures, the sensuality in the language tickles your skin and makes you purr. There is a sacred sensuality running through the entire piece.

I intend on turning this poem into a spoken word performance and use it in meditations.

Here is some recent feedback from readers:

“You paint such a great picture with your words, as if you’re one with nature! Loved it! No one could draw the parallels and feel the things you could the way you do. Just a unique earth mama“- Soumyajeet Chattaraj

“This is beautiful. Truly a gift to write like this”– Nicole Mahabir

A Hymn of Love to the Earth

“Hold out your hands and let me lay upon them a bunch of freshly picked bluebells, delicate and brooding blue, like teardrops cried by an ancient goddess who once walked this terrain.

Find the fragrance of honey and jasmine seep through the holy scent of black earth after rainfall, breathe it all in and you’ll remember things you believed to be forgotten.

Look up into the deep bowl of celestial cerulean, drink it up again and again, this is medicine for your eyes. Our irises flicker in time with the fluidity of galaxies and the flutter of comets.

Far out beyond the shoreline, you hear it. Beyond the reach of any boat and on the foggy coastline scalloped by shells and coves. Humpback whales, gentle giants of the sea, chime their ancient prayers that hum like shamans conjuring the rain.“- Katie Ness, July 2019

Heat waves shiver across the grass like a black cat’s purr, the air is heavy and thunderstorm-yellow and ringing with the whir of cicadas, a suspicious mantis praying for twilight and fearful moths in search of the moon.

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