Beautiful Coffee Table books for people who love Flowers

Over this past year I have become ever so fascinated by the world of plants and flowers. I believe my love for flowers grew when I spent two months in Bali. The Balinese include flowers in their every day offerings, they create beautiful flower offerings called Canangs to their family temples, deities, elementals, their homes and more. Bringing flowers into daily life is considered a sacred act. This had a profound effect on me spiritually. But before my time in Bali I was developing my skills in botanical illustration and I’ve started keeping a nature journal, alongside this I am also learning about the healing effect of plants and how to make my own remedies, teas and tinctures.

I have chosen five very beautiful books that will quite happily sit on your coffee table for you to leisurely read on a rainy afternoon or for guests to flip through whilst you’re preparing a friendly meal.

Britain’s WildFlowers by Rosamond Richardson

From hedgerows to meadows, wildflowers can be found throughout our green and pleasant land. In this book, journalist and garden writer Rosamond Richardson traces the history and myths behind each flower to discover the fascinating ways in which the plants were used. Discover which flower used as a medieval lie-detector to test the innocence of suspected criminals, or stuffed in the shoes of Roman centurions to prevent damage to their feet as they marched. From periwinkles, beloved of Chaucer, and the oxlips and “nodding violet” growing in the forest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the book celebrates the important role wildflowers have played in literature, as well as their uses in food and medicine, and the history, myths, and tales behind each species. This book is a celebration of the bountiful history behind Britain’s beloved wildflowers and is perfect for anyone with an interest in gardening, history, or the natural world. Buy the book here: Britain’s Wildflowers

Being with Flowers by Anthony Ward

Being with Flowers is a beautiful book that provides you with several guided meditations and step-by-step floral arrangements to help you explore your relationship with flowers, and nature as a whole.

Floral arrangements are so much more than a decoration. They provide a way to connect to nature and the world around us. Master floral sculptor, Anthony Ward, shows you how to work with flowers to bring more peace into your life. Including creative exercises, guided meditations, and step-by-step flower arrangements, Being with Flowers will show you how to appreciate the natural art of each flower to create the perfect arrangement. Buy the book here: Being with Flowers.

Wreaths by Terri Chandler

Wreaths explores the art of creating wonderful floral pieces, to gift or keep, through a collection of 20 beautiful and natural designs. Learn how to play around with color, foliage, texture, and architectural forms with a craft that is no longer just for Christmas.

Packed with ideas, skills and techniques, Katie and Terri will inspire you to bring a touch of nature indoors as they offer a fresh and modern approach to wreath design. Going beyond the traditional shapes, this book will equip you with the know-how to create impressive statement pieces, tropical and dried wreaths, as well as beautiful garlands and a late summer chandelier. Buy the book here: Wreaths.

Sacred Herb Bundles by Kiera Fogg

The spiritual art of working with herb bundles has become a worldwide phenomenon, with celebrities, business executives, and modern spiritual seekers embracing the simple and powerful practice. Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Cleansing is all about simplifying the process of creating custom herb bundles and applying them to all areas of life. With beautiful color photography throughout, this book includes thirty aromatic herb bundle recipes and simple rituals to help them work. Author Kiera Fogg shares the details of twenty different plants that can be used in herb bundles, including sage, palo santo, cedar, and cinnamon. She also gives detailed instructions for creating your own blends and advice for burning the bundles in a ritual. Last, she provides blend ideas and rituals for more than twenty specific uses, including romance, self-clearing, home blessing, space cleansing, and calling angels. Buy the book here: Sacred Herb Bundles.

The Flower Expert by Fleur McHarg

Fleur McHarg has cultivated a lifelong obsession with flowers, their colors, shapes and, uses. Guided by the wisdom of Constance Spry, the trailblazing twentieth- century florist, McHarg believes in letting flowers be the stars of the show by working with the natural shape of a flower or branch.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in creating unique floral arrangements for every kind of event imaginable, McHarg demonstrates how breathtaking floral displays are created. Her astute flower philosophy reveals her unique synesthetic take on color and the personalities of each flower. She explains why certain arrangements work while others don’t, offers tips on color selection and color blending, and reveals her favorite flowers to use for each occasion. Through McHarg’s guidance and color inspiration readers learn how to showcase flowers for startling impact. The Flower Expert is a stunning celebration of color and the artistry behind contemporary and classic floral arrangement styles. Buy the book here: The Flower Expert.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” – Buddha

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