Opening the Heart Door


There is a diamond inside of me, that lights up the sky of my sou. You’re opening the heart door, letting in the light, opening the heart door, giving life to me that died.-Paula Cole

The New Moon in Cancer is harmonized by the Water Element and the Fire Element of the Summer Solstice Sun so think of the warmth of the sea on your summer vacations.

Cancer governs the sacred space of the womb. This is your memories of your experience in utero, being born, and growing up in your family’s home. The Cancer New Moon is called “Mother’s Daughter Moon” and invites you to bring forth the energy of your childhood nurturing. This vibration can open up wounds from childhood where you did not receive the nurturing that you needed and your relationship with your mother was not an easy one.

This is also considered the Buck moon according to Native American’s moon phase as we enter into the month of July. This nickname given to this moon was because buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. It was also called the Thunder Moon, Raspberry Moon or Salmon Moon.

“Sometimes we believe we aren’t worthy of forgiveness or love. We look at the human part of ourselves and we say we just aren’t good enough. But we aren’t here to perfect the human part of ourselves. We’re here to liberate our own inner light and manifest the full potential of our unconditional love and spiritual selves. Everyone of us has made mistakes and it is necessary to feel with the full sensitivity of our hearts, to feel remorse and let go.
Let go of judgement of ourselves and others. Psychologists tell us that criticism of others is actually a criticism of some dark part of ourselves. Every time we refrain from judging others and approach them with empathy we then honour them, turn darkness into light and therefore love that part of ourselves we struggle to love and forgive. It’s a beautiful circle.”- Alchemy of the Heart.

It is so important to look within and mother ourselves during this Cancer moon, for the sign of Cancer represents the mother archetype as well as being associated with the emotions of the moon. We are all feeling vulnerable at the moment and many of us struggle with core wounds linked to our mothers or care givers. Lets open up the heart door and send some love to ourselves, give ourselves the unconditional love we feel we didn’t receive growing up.

How does this manifest to you? Perhaps a meditation that focusses on the heart chakra? Perhaps a warm bath sprinkled with rose petals? Or journalling your emotions and art therapy? Gentle womb yoga? or sound healing specific to healing the heart. Or simply being around water whilst walking in nature, or vegging on the sofa eating chocolate and watching your favourite movies? Whatever makes you feel secure, safe, snuggling and loved. Gift that to yourself.

At this time, also be kind to one another.

Each of us is a mirror. If you call someone beautiful then you become beautiful. Call someone selfish, you are ultimately realising and disliking the part of you that is selfish. Point the finger and three fingers are pointing back. Sending out unconditional love has a ripple effect and it all starts with you, your heart centre and learning to love and forgive yourself first. I have had clients tell me they admire my free spirit, my sweetness and how I’m true to myself; I simply remind them that what they honour and see in me, is already in them but it manifests differently through them and as them.

Continue to shine your love and your light on yourself, through yourself and outwardly to others and more love with come back to you. This is how manifestation and the power of Karma works. Give out what you wish to manifest within yourself.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.
Oh my beloved, kindness of the heart. Breath of Life I bow to you.


Have a beautiful Cancer moon.

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