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What Is Kapha Dosha?

“Kapha means “that which sticks,” and derives from the elements Earth and Water (picture damp earth or chocolate mud cake).

When in balance, Kapha dosha is stable, soft, cool, calm, loving, caring, and affectionate. Kapha doshas have deep and soothing voices and age gracefully because of their doughy, soft skin.

They also have large eyes and smiles. Kapha women especially blossom beautifully during pregnancy. They are the earth mamas and papas who are very kind, compassionate, and patient.

When out of balance, Kapha dosha is prone to weight gain, depression, and lethargy as well as chesty coughs, sinus congestion, and water retention.”

Here is the second in the trilogy of Crystals for your Dosha!

I’ve been spending a large amount of time reflecting and writing new material alongside these well-being articles. But my writing is shifting and I will be sharing more creative and poetic pieces which in turn will become meditations that I plan to narrate. This is the direction I am going and I feel good about it. I write for Yogi Approved perhaps once a year (or when the inspiration hits) to keep my public presence and published content  fresh.

I am still working on my book which may split into two. The first will house a variety of things from poetry to recipes and spells and the second is going to be a collection of selected poetry in its own right. I may decide to add that collection to the first book instead. I’m unsure where all this is going but I’m surrendering to the process and I have been researching design, layout and how to publish.

This article focusses on Kapha Dosha (which is my favourite Dosha to study). Read more in the link below. Enjoy!

Three Grounding healing crystals to balance Kapha Dosha

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