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Dream Catcher Flower Wreaths

Here is my latest Dreamcatcher-Flower Wreath hybrid (pictured above) for a dear friend who is getting married soon. She wanted Peacock feathers to represent the goddess Hera and I added two bottles with sand, shells and love blessings. There are eight peacock feathers in total since 8 in numerology represents eternity and infinity.

I included two small glass bottles that contain sand and shells from Cyprus and love blessing notes to wish the newly weds a happy marriage and life together.

“Beloved I seek to know you, and I asked the Gods and Goddesses that I be given the wisdom to see you as you are, and love you as a mystery. I will take joy in you, I delight in the love for you. You are to me, the whispering of the tides, and the warmth of the summer’s heat. You are my friend and my lover. Grow old and wise with me, as I will do for you.
There is a life before us of rainbows and sunsets, and a willingness to share in happiness and in sadness. I adore you. I love you.”

– Love Blessing prayer

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