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Ancient Love Handfasting Cord

As well as Dream Catchers and Botanical Illustrations, I also make Hand-Fasting Cords. A Handfasting cord is used in a wedding ceremony by wrapping or tying around the couple’s joined hands, representing the joining of their lives and the binding of their union, this is where the term “Tying the knot” comes from. Through this ritual, the couple display their unity and become bound to one another.
This is the third cord I’ve made, the first was for my best friend and her fiance- which was purple, white and green tones, the second was for a close Cypriot friend and her husband- which was orangey-turquoise, sunset colours that remind me of Cyprus.

The plan this year is to open up an online shop and artist’s website for comissions. So the Etsy shop will have random creations for individuals to purchase and the website will be more like an online portfolio showcasing my best creations and information about hiring me to beautify your small event such as a woodland wedding in need of dream catcher/wreath decorations, floral/candle designs on the tables, a handfasting cord and illustrated guest invites for example.
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