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Day Dreamy Days: The Musings of HedgeWitch


During this strange time, its so easy to feel complacent or turn to keeping busy. But lets go within for a second: Its not so much about doing (or doing nothing) but about creating space for a kind of interaction to happen from within the body-mind. It’s about deciding you are going to open that space in your life, and really create an altar in your life (and heart) as a whole, and then tending to the temple within for the magic to happen.

This tattoo reminds me to do this, to be wild and free, to know love and be present like flowers and to be grounded to the earth like the scarab.
I love day dreaming, to help me tune in. It is  being in a state of presence- between this world and the other, of being in a state of quiet awareness and contemplation. This goes beyond going outside and just thinking about things, its about letting go of agenda and the ego, and simply experiancing, and this can happen in any landscape. This is about making time to be with the world as it lives and breathes, its about being in its consciousness and experiencing its medicine. Continue reading