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My Reiki Master Level 3 Training

Following the path of Reiki was not something I purposefully pushed for, it kind of just happened and it seems like the more I surrender to the universe and live in the present moment, unexpected and good things have happened to me. This new found practice stems from leaving my ex partner and my life with him in Plymouth, UK. The moment I left everything behind, it felt like I had set sail. Before I knew it I had booked my place on two trainings in Bali I wanted to do and from this balance of desire for what I want and surrender to the big cosmic flow, good people and good moments have been popping into my life like daisies. Things are just happening for me!

My Reiki level one attunment was actually more of a rebellion from my ex. I had just completed a day course in Indian Head Massage to test the waters and to get me on that holistic path. I knew my end goal was to attend a yoga teacher training and I was going to weekly yoga class for two years; but I needed smaller pockets of continuing professional development in the meantime. Indian Head Massage was the first and Reiki level one was the second. All my Reiki attunements have two things in common: One being they happened magically and two being that all have been facilitated by women.

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