My Reiki Master Level 3 Training

Following the path of Reiki was not something I purposefully pushed for, it kind of just happened and it seems like the more I surrender to the universe and live in the present moment, unexpected and good things have happened to me. This new found practice stems from leaving my ex partner and my life with him in Plymouth, UK. The moment I left everything behind, it felt like I had set sail. Before I knew it I had booked my place on two trainings in Bali I wanted to do and from this balance of desire for what I want and surrender to the big cosmic flow, good people and good moments have been popping into my life like daisies. Things are just happening for me!

My Reiki level one attunment was actually more of a rebellion from my ex. I had just completed a day course in Indian Head Massage to test the waters and to get me on that holistic path. I knew my end goal was to attend a yoga teacher training and I was going to weekly yoga class for two years; but I needed smaller pockets of continuing professional development in the meantime. Indian Head Massage was the first and Reiki level one was the second. All my Reiki attunements have two things in common: One being they happened magically and two being that all have been facilitated by women.

My Reiki level one attunement happened on Halloween weekend in 2013 with Reiki Master Veronica Friend. Read more about it here: Reiki Level one

The Reiki Level two happened unexpectedly a few years later and out of the three it was actually my favourite experience. On April 4th 2019 in Ubud, Bali soon after my Durga Devi circle training and 200 hour Yoga teacher training. I didn’t plan for it, I merely opted to spend two weeks with a friend site-seeing in Ubud before parting ways. On discovering a Reiki teacher that I follow on instagram was offering last minute Reiki level 2 attunements at a hotel round the corner from where I was staying because her flight was cancelled and at a lower price than usual, I saw this as a sign. I very nearly didn’t go because it was the day I booked my return to the UK and I had never not missed a flight before. Instead I followed my heart and did her training and from there went to Australia soon after. Read more about that story here: Reiki Level two

Reiki Level 3- Master Teacher

Again, this wasn’t something I had on my agenda. Being happy as a Reiki level 2 practitioner I could now charge for healing sessions and I had ideas to incorporate Indian head massage and even gentle yoga twists and stretches into my private sessions as well. So for my own reserch I began seeing who was my “competiton” within the North West, UK. Just to see how they promote and market their business, what their website looks like and get a good idea of what’s out there. From doing this, I stumbled upon a holistic company in Sheffield who facilitate Reiki Level 3 attunements and at an affordable price too. Now, you’ll usually discover that Reiki teachers charge a lot of money to students who want to train at Level 3 so I was shocked at the reasonable price and again, it was facilitated by two lovely Yorkshire women called Jo and Julie.

Sheffield is only two hours by train from Blackpool (my hometown) so I just couldn’t believe my luck. I spent a couple of days pondering as to whether it was something I want to do. I came to the conclusion that, the price is affordable, the location is easy to get to, so why not just go for it? All three atunement trainings were happy accidents that came into my life and I’m excited to see what unfolds from all this.

The training started at 10:30am with a presentation about Reiki and a short sharing circle. There was three of us being attuned at Master level that day. Soon after we looked back on all the symbols learned in previous attunements and then we were taught the Master symbols and asked to practice drawing them. During lunch we took it in turns to be in the attunement ceremony, all three of us sat quietly in the kitchen and took it in turns to enter the therapy room alone to be attuned. In the early afternoon we had to practice on each other and on teddy bears which I thought was cute and it enabled our teachers to observe and guide us as we ourselves facilitated all three attunement ceremonies. Before the day was over we had a discussion about teaching, ethics, working on the NHS, business and marketing before we parted ways. I enjoyed this training because it felt like I had made new friends and I quite fancy moving to Sheffield but also because when practising to teach level 2 attunement I felt excitable- I just know this is going to be a favourite attunement training to facilitate!

A realization dawned on me too. The reason why I enjoyed all three Reiki trainings was because of the ceremony element. Especially during the Reiki level two, since the teacher works shamanically. Joanna Lewins does teach the traditional way but she includes her own flavour into it and I resonated with that so much! And she has inspired me to follow a similar vibe, because at my core I am very mystical and witchy. Even one of the women on the Reiki Master training day said to me “I hope you don’t mind me saying but you look very instagrammy, you look like somebody I’d follow. You have that look about you and I think its through Instagram you’ll get your following and your work.” Which I thought was such a lovely thing for her to say.

I am currently creating my business cards and now writing up student manuals and creating certificates for futute students with my own artistic twist on it. It’s going to be a lot of hard work but fun because it will be putting all the knowledge I know about energy, charka balancing, the subtle body, meditation and reiki into one training booklet and that’s exciting!

I plan to teach internationally too. I am trying to plan to have a main base here in the UK and preferably in Cyprus and Bali too because both countries have very strong goddess energy about them. Cyprus is associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and Bali has Durga-like energy that is very warm and mothering but also firey because of the active volcano!

I did my Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Training with: Prana Energy Therapies

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