Magic in the Mundane: Being a Persephone woman

“Of course there must be lots of Magic in the world, but people don’t know what it is like or how to make it. Perhaps the beginning is just to say nice things are going to happen until you make them happen.”

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” – Frances Hodgsong Burnett/ The Secret Garden

I truly believe in magic in the mundane, the magic of plants and the subtle body and our connection to everything. I think I always have. I remember being that little girl that talked to trees and collected rose petals to make love potions and perfumes. I remember burying diary entries into the mud and asking the earth to take away my pain. Now I’m older I have a passion for acquiring knowledge on the Chakras and Esoteric Ideas. As well as psychospirituality and Intuitive Herbalism. It is going beyond what ordinary science can teach us and going into the realms of metaphysics. Exploring possibilities of our potential and the potential our own planet posesses too.

With becoming a Reiki Master teacher, I kind of just fell into the world of Reiki. I didn’t chase it, it came to me and the more I learn about it, the more I fall in love for it revolves around my passion for the chakras, the subtle body, energy exchange and sacred ceremony. And as a yoga teacher I realize that Reiki is essentially Prana- the universal life force that flows within everything and many ancient cultures have their own name for this concept. In China it is called Chi or Qi which translates to “Air” or “Life Force”.

Native Americans say these energies are a manifestation of the Great Spirit or Great Sacred, and instead of qi, they use the term ni and nilchi’i in Navajo.

All physical objects are made of vibrating particles of energy, and even the space in which they sit is a sea of unseen energy or “qi.” Prayer, chanting, music, smudging, herbs and laying on of hands were all used by Native healers; the active force working in all of these was and is the manipulation of body energy (qi) to restore balance, wholeness, and health.

What I love most about becoming a Reiki Master is being able to facilitate sacred ceremony and ritual. There needs to be a sense of magic or Qi energy flowing around the room and between you and student. But I’ve come to understand my deep love for ceremony and it takes me back to my childhood again, being out in nature and creating an altar from found objects and leaving prayers in the tree branches. I’ve always been this way but its recently dawned on me, it feels like I have truly found myself, its like seeing my true nature with such clarity for the first time. Its a rebirth or a deepening into my core self- like Persephone the Greek goddess of the underworld, know as the “Kore”, she was taken to the underworld by force (symbolic of seeing the shadow aspect of your subsonscious) and she then became the queen of the underworld once she took ownership of her identity and calling without anyone’s permission.

Persephone is a mystical yet vulnerable goddess that represents a young woman needing to take respobsibility for her own life. Many Persephone women are of a mystical nature and spend years repressing it or they are told to repress it, until they crossover and face their true nature. Crossing over can literally mean a near death experience or a very traumatic event that sends the Persephone woman deeper into her psyche until she is ready to unlock her powers.

If this does not occur, they spend the rest of their lives being passive in relationships and living with their mind in the clouds, day dreaming of other worlds with a girlish naivety. An evolved Persephone woman uses her strong intuition, brings it back down to earth and teaches it to others. Either through art, mediumship, as therapists or holistic teachers. By doing this, Persephone women learn about their own stregnth of will, call to action, discover their intuitive abilities are very special and can reign it in to be a guiding light to others and it is here she becomes the Queen of the underworld- Hekate archetype.

I liken the archetype of Persephone to Jean Grey who has the Phoenix locked inside of her. All her life she is told to be the good girl and repress her powerful energy. This is a Persephone woman doing as she is told and relying on the opinions and advice of others because they believe they know what is best for her. It isn’t until something epic and traumatic happens to her that she releases the Phoenix force and you’ll notice its a very painful release unto itself and those controlling her are not happy with this new Jean, because they have lost their hold on her. But once she embodies her true nature, bringing this kore force to the surface, she becomes a strong, guiding light to other characters in the marvel world. She becomes a leader.

To develop her intutitive abilities, a Persephone woman must transcend her identification of the maiden Kore to find the Hekate aspect within her. This side to her is unafraid of the uncanny and is at home in the underworld and as she ages she becomes the wise woman, hedgewitch who wisely knows safe passages on the crossroads.

As a Persephone woman myself, I have been to dark places of my psyche, I have explored the deep realms of mental health, human behaviour, dreams and meditated between ordinary and nonordinary worlds. I have studied ancient thoughts on the chakras, energy and the subtle body and explored the symbolism of the tarot and Jungian psychology.

I feel ready to teach and guide others through their soul journeys, using Yoga, Sharing circles, Reiki, visual journeys, sound and art therapy, Shamanic belly dance and much more. And I feel that it was the death of my life in Plymouth which came to a cataclysmic end, that took me to the boarders of depression (and thus the underworld), which then took me to Bali. And it is in Bali that I rediscovered my core self as Queen of the Underworld. As the Mystic. The Witch. The one who Knows. Working with energy, ceremony and the realms of dreams and the subconscious to guide students and clients on their own healing journeys through their underworlds. Connecting others with their own depths, to guide them to find symbolic meaning and understanding of what they find there.

If this is something of interest to you? Contact me if you desire me to work on your retreat or facilitate Reiki attunements and sharing circles.
Reiki Attunements are currently being planned for end of October around the North West, UK. I am available to travel both locally and internationally.

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