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Reiki Training Level 2 with Joanna Lewins

I was in Bali for two months to do two life changing courses. Leaving 10 boxes of belongings in my mum’s attic and only taking two small suitcases of essentials with me, I left England late February with a flexible plan and an open heart. I was already booked onto the Women’s Circle training which lasted ten days in Ubud and then I went on to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Canggu for 22 days.

Then something unexpected and amazing happened. I found the courage to miss my return flight, extended my visa so that I may stay in Bali for another month and I returned to Ubud with a new friend who was my roomate on the teacher training. Janie and I had a general plan to be site seeing buddies for two weeks before we go our separate ways. Residing back in Ubud and staying back at Gerebig Bungalows one morning I am checking my social media platforms and discovered that a Reiki therapist and teacher that I love, Joanna Lewins, was holding a Reiki Level 2 training in Ubud, on the day I was supposed to catch my return flight and she was facilitating it literally ten minutes away from where I was staying!

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