Yogi Approved: Interview with Krista Marie Starr


So the cat is out of the bag! Here is my extra special article with Yogi Approved, that I have been patiently waiting to show you all! This one I am really proud of and so happy with. I plucked up the courage to contact a very lovely Yogi & Yoga Teacher a while back to ask her if she is interested in being interviewed by me; what is the worst that could happen? She says ‘No’ or just ignores my email? No harm done. So I took a chance & Well She said YES! May I present to you my interview with the beautiful & quirky Krista Marie Starr!

Another reason I feel great about this is because this is my 6th published article with Yogi Approved since May 2015 and I have some more on the way for next year involving the Chakras, potentially another interview, a yoga/photography project and a personal story.

So without further ado here is my interview with Krista Marie Starr.

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