Joyful Things 16

Female Chief in Malawi breaks up child marriages & sends girls back to school! Hurray!
Really long and juice Meghan Currie Podcast/Interview! I love her!
Mayim Bialik on being told she’s too sensitive, sensitive people are amazing.
Gorgeous Chalk murals which are wiped away soon after completion.
12 year old boy sews teddies and gives them to sick kids, it’s such an inspirational story.
A dad Photoshops his kids drawings and they are both cute and hilarious!
Sarah Kay’s no matter the wreckage poetry book is astoundingly brilliant.
This Shitty Flute youtube channel is hilarious! Great to listen to when you need a cheer up.
A TeenYoga teacher training I did as a follow up from the Kids Yoga Teacher Training.
Check out this incredible platform called The Yoga Diaries.

*Photo of a dreamcatcher. Artist unknown.

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