Joyful Things 17

Polish artist photographs Slavic headdress flower wreaths to preserve this beautiful tradition.
A beautiful Meghan Currie Podcast, I love her, she is my spirit animal for sure!
Ellen Degeneres sends her executive producer to a haunted house and its hilarious!
A photographer told people they are beautiful, go see the results!
Tonle Clothing proves fashion can have zero waste effect on the environment, something we should all strive for!
Photographer captures stunning animal portraits in forest.
Arctic Foxes create and grow their own gardens as they build their habitat.
Beautiful art in nature using stones, twigs and leaves.
Photographic series documents how being sober makes you look younger, this is why I don’t drink alcohol.
Giant Squid Art installation brings some mysticism to a Portuguese island.

*Photo by Ula Kóska

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