Looe, Cornwall




As stated in a previous post, we’ve been in Cornwall for a few days. We ventured to Looe which is not that far away from Par Sands where we were staying. It’s one of those places we kept meaning to visit, perhaps as a pit-stop on the way back to Plymouth but never got around to it until now.

Looe is a pretty coastal town with cute gift shops, plentiful boats and even an arcade. The weather wasn’t the best but as long as it wasn’t torrential rain and we were wrapped up warm then all was fine. In fact I do enjoy the rain and don’t mind being outdoors in less picturesque circumstances because life isn’t always sunshine and pretty flowers. Sometimes its cloudy and a bit brisk, you know?

We didn’t stay too long in Looe because it wasn’t the right time of year to be there, I am sure in the summer months this place is thriving and there is more to do and see but then would we like to be there when swarms of tourists are crammed in every street corner? probably not. Sometimes the best time to visit a place is during the off season, the weather may not be perfect but it means you have the location mostly to yourself, prices are cheaper and you can really soak in the environment as oppose to battling for a parking space or queuing for a burger whilst seagulls rob you of your candy floss.

I’m an introvert with a hint of extroversion. Meaning I love performing on stage and playing around with characters and do I love going to a coffee shop to meet good friends but as primarily an introvert I really dislike the public, I hate mass consumerism and crowds of people so sometimes for my well-being I NEED to get away from society and the dullness that comes with it that makes me feel numb inside. Being in Cornwall was a welcome break from the rat race but we are looking to try having mini breaks in Europe in the near future, especially over winter when flights are cheap, I’d much rather spend 3 to 4 days in Prague than the UK but until then Cornwall has a quietness I desperately needed.

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